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About Digital Art / Hobbyist John Klepac22/Male/United States Groups :iconmegamanpokemonsonic: MegamanPokemonSonic
Go MMPS!! Go DA!!
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You really should try backgrounds more often, because this one looks great! I'm not sure what brushes you experimented with, but they'r...

You seem to have studied official character models closely to get the proportions of not only the entire character but of minute detail...

Every one of the major characters appears to be drawn fine here, which is the first important step, and are easily identifiable as thei...

Oh, my God, this is nothing but gorgeous. Not only are the colors and detailing completely spot on, but there's an enormously interesti...


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John Klepac
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Hey! I joined DeviantArt in late 2015 to show off the work I've done and am doing on an ongoing basis to develop my digital art skills and look at others', both for inspiration and just because a lot of what I see is awesome to look at. I am not, however, an artist by trade; I'm going to college in the state of Ohio for video game design, although one of my goals for the near future is to start a webcomic. Most of my drawings here are Sonic the Hedgehog-related, as it's been one of my favorite video game franchises for many years and I find its characters and environments enjoyable models to work with. Unrelated, but I also speak some Arabic (with a Jordanian accent, because that's where my professor's from) and Japanese.

I was born and grew up in Chicago, Illinois, although rest assured, my "da Bears" accent isn't that thick, I don't care what you call our bi-antennaed 108-story extrusion or what you do or don't stick on hot dogs, and the closest I ever come to shooting a gun is mediocre performance on first-person shooter games. I have also visited over half of the states in the U.S. as well as Canada and Japan, and wherever I find myself, I pay great attention to environments and the ways people, animals, plants, and the forces of nature make their way there, which I think is my biggest advantage in conceiving fictional environments and committing them to pen and brush strokes. Thanks for stopping by my page!

Yes, I do art trades, but depending on the day I may have a couple in my queue already. My policy on content is that I have to keep it PG-13 or lower (so no nudity, for example) - yes, I understand the appeal of that stuff, but I'd rather not have it publicly displayed on my page. I reserve the right to decline any offers for lack of time or because there's no feasible way to make it clean. Also, I only keep one per person on my queue at a time; if you want me to draw you something else, please wait for me to finish the first one. :D


My nauseating puns never end.

Anyway, this is an art trade with :iconkodyboy555:, featuring his OC Bodger the Crow inspecting some magical crystals deep underwater. Sorry I kept ya waiting, Kody; I've been busy lately with looking for jobs and working on my 3D model portfolio, and I kept on putting off working on this. Hope you like it!
So this cafe I'm in right now has a minimum charge of $10 - but the owner didn't tell me that until I'd already ordered a simple iced coffee. I wasn't looking to spend that today, but there wasn't really anything I could do but sigh and order a sandwich and chips to make up the difference, even though I wasn't really hungry.

I mean, maybe I could've just told the guy to take back my coffee and left, but that would've been a pretty dickish move.
I've probably changed more in the last two years than in the preceding five. I have:

:bulletblue: Become much better at looking at evidence objectively and reshaping my ideological views if necessary
:bulletblue: Switched from Japanese to Arabic as my main language of interest (though I have studied Japanese some since and had studied Arabic some before)
:bulletblue: Switched my personal aesthetic from "shaggy-haired, gloomy, eternally teenage stoner" to "clean-cut, vaguely hipstery masculine guy"
:bulletblue: Taken on geography and places as a deep personal interest
:bulletblue: Cooked much more often and deliberately sought out a variety of dishes from around the world
:bulletblue: Started drawing seriously and gotten pretty good (well, I think so anyway, LOL)
:bulletblue: Mostly abandoned playing music (I still break out my guitar once in a while, but I don't have the passion I did before)
:bulletblue: Started more judiciously choosing who I want to spend my time with (who will actually make me a better person instead of dragging me down, and whom I can help instead of my advice and ideas falling on deaf ears)
:bulletblue: Gotten much more responsible and good at finding and holding down jobs
:bulletblue: Started thinking more seriously about my future and how I'm getting there
Dwellings in the Past
So I've officially graduated from college as of last weekend! I've now got under my belt a BA in video game design with minors in computer science and mathematics. Time to focus on the job search now, I suppose, plus continuing to build up my portfolio, but I'm proud of what I've accomplished over the last four years.

Anyway, this is a pic of Knuckles marveling over his ancestral homeland that I've been working on since then. I can tell I'm continuing to improve my techniques, especially regarding foliage. Hope you've all been having a good early summer; it's been beautiful here in Ohio (where I and my roommates are still hanging out, even though we've graduated, until our apartment lease runs out at the end of the month).


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